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Frequently Used Tools:

Learn How to Be MedWise

Listen to the radio spot featuring Gene Smith, Associate Professor with Family & Consumer Sciences who explains why everyone should Be Med Wise with over-the-counter and prescription medications during the flu season.

Explore the Medication Safety Toolkit for Families

Medication Safety Toolkit for Families

This toolkit will hep you protect yourself and your loved ones. It provides practical information about:

  • Avoiding medication misuse
  • Getting the facts about your family's medications
  • Keeping a family medical record
  • Tips for safe medicine use in children and older adults and during pregnancy
  • Questions to ask your health team

Learn How to Avoid Medication Errors

Check out this Web site to learn how to avoid medication errors.
Safe Medicine Practices

Use this form to help you avoid medication errors before, during and after your doctor's visit.

Preventing Medication Errors: What You Need to Know / What You Need to Do poster highlights medication error prevention.

Ask Me 3 - Good questions for your good health

1. What is my main problem?

2. What do I need to do?

3. Why is it important for me to do this?

Asking these questions can help me:

  • Take care of my health
  • Prepare for medical tests
  • Take my medicines the right way

Did You Know That Taking Medications Is As Easy as PIE?

If you know what the purpose of each medication is, understand instructions for use and dosage, and know the outcomes (effect) to expect, then taking your medication can be as simple as PIE.

  • P–Purpose and name of the medication
  • PIE
  • I– Instructions for use and dosage:
    • How many times a day?
    • Time of day?
    • With food or without food?
    • How long to take it?
    • What if I miss a dose?
    • Should I avoid alcohol, sunlight, certain foods, etc.?
  • E–Effect of the drug, both positive and negative

How To Create a Pill Card

People have trouble keeping track of their medicine. A Pill Card is a way to develop a simple, visual way to show all the medicines you are taking. You can post this on your refrigerator or a mirror. You can use this card along with your UT Med Minder Card (SP632), which you keep in your wallet.

Want to Learn More About Medications?

To learn more about medications, visit the FCS Health & Safety – Medication page for great Web site links!